The Journal of Systems Research (JSys) is a diamond Open Access.
That is, it is free to read and free to publish (no fees for authors or readers).

JSys seeks to publish research that moves the field forward and will be of interest to the systems community. JSys emphasizes rigorous research that improves the state-of-the-art, even if the increment is modest. JSys requires that papers that put forth a new tool, benchmark, or software solution undergo Artifact Evaluation and make their artifact publicly available.

The JSys editorial process differs from traditional conferences or journals in the systems area. It is closest in spirit to VLDB, but there are some important differences worth highlighting.

Artifacts must be submitted along with the paper

Traditionally, artifact evaluation is optional, and done after the paper is accepted. At JSys, artifact evaluation proceeds in parallel of the paper review. The artifact evaluation is mandatory for Solution and Tool/Benchmark papers.

Paper submissions and reviews are publicly visible

The paper review is double-blind and public.
Most conferences treat paper submissions as confidential until publication, this is different at JSys. The submissions are public (after the submission deadline) as well as the reviews (once the editorial decision has been made). JSys also publishes the reviewer names together with the papers.

The artifact evaluation is single-blind and private.
Artifacts are reviewed privately to allow sharing of sensitive information (e.g., ssh keys). The artifact evaluation process is typically an active exchange between authors and reviewers, aiming to improve the artifact quality.

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