The Journal of Systems Research (JSys) is a new journal covering the wide area of computer systems. JSys is a scholarly-led initiative aiming to address some limitations of today’s publishing outlets in computer science.

The goal of JSys is to lift barriers that restrict the dissemination of and access to science.

JSys is founded on its commitment to inclusiveness, transparency, and quality. These values are supported by the following journal policies.


  • JSys is diamond Open Access. That is, it is free to read and free to publish.
  • JSys explicitly calls for several paper types, including ToolProblem, and SoK papers.
  • JSys papers have no page limit, as system works sometimes need just more than 12 pages.
  • JSys has four deadlines per year; the next one is never too far out!


  • JSys adopts open peer review; reviews are made publicly available and linked to published papers.
  • Reviewers should be both responsible and recognized for their work. JSys publishes the reviewer names together with the papers.
  • Authors should get clear guidance to improve their work based on the review. Thus, JSys has a one-shot revision model where authors get a clear list of points to address to get the work accepted.


  • JSys commits to return reviews within 6 weeks after submission.
  • System works should be usable by others. Passing an Artifact Evaluation is mandatory for JSys’ Tools and Solution papers.
  • Every paper is reviewed by three board members as well as one student reviewer. By taking part in reviewing, students get naturally integrated into the community… plus, they tend to have a sharp eye for details

If you have works that fall in the scope of the journal areas, we’ll be very happy to read about your ideas and help you improve further and disseminate your system works