Problem Papers

JSys invites papers that present a new problem to the community. The problem must be well-motivated and clearly articulated. If similar problems have been identified in other contexts before, the Problem paper should draw parallels to such problems and describe how the problem identified in the paper is unique.

We hope that Problem papers will serve as calls for action for a particular class of problems. Well-motivated, carefully argued Problem papers should prove influential and should drive the community to invest in working on possible solutions.

Problem papers will not be rejected for:

  • Not presenting solutions to the problems presented in the paper
  • Not building a system

Problem papers may be rejected for:

  • Not establishing what is unique about the problem presented, and how it is different from existing problems
  • Not establishing why the problem is important, and why the community should invest time in working on a solution

Guideline for authors:

  • Prefix the title of these papers with “Problem:”
  • Check the Problem checkbox on the submission form to flag them for the review process