Call for Papers: Decentralized Systems

Topics of Interests

  • Blockchain Systems
  • Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus protocols
  • Permissioned blockchains
  • Decentralised anonymity and privacy
  • Systems using Secure Multiparty Computation
  • Decentralised Randomness Beacons
  • Censorship resistance
  • Peer to Peer Systems
  • Decentralised Storage
  • E-voting
  • Byzantine Fault Tolerant Distributed Systems
  • Transparency Solutions
  • Applications of Threshold Cryptography
  • Cross-Chain Communication Protocols
  • Blockchain Layer-2 Solutions

If you are unsure whether your work is a good fit for this area, please send a short abstract or description to the area chair(s); they will be happy to give some initial feedback.

Area Board

The Decentralized Systems area is chaired by

and the reviewers are:

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