Call for Papers: Storage

The increasing need to process data closer to the storage as well as the growing demand for enhancing data privacy and protection raises new challenges and opportunities for near-data processing across various computing domains. Within this context, the “active storage” area of JSys welcomes a wide range of research contributions in all aspects of designing, implementing, and evaluating near-storage data processing architectures, system software, storage systems, programming abstractions, security, privacy, and data reduction and processing techniques.

Topics of Interests

  • New algorithms and data reduction techniques for near-storage data processing
  • Novel hardware architectures (e.g., FPGA-based) support for near-data processing in memory, storage, network, and accelerators
  • System software and application software including but-not-limited to key-value stores, databases, and file-system
  • Topics related to the design and development of Computational Storage devices and architectures
  • Security and privacy techniques focused on enhancing active storage
  • Techniques for handling data reliability
  • Experimental evaluations and benchmarks for active storage systems
  • Experiences, observations, and lessons learned from real-world deployments
  • Design and development of new programming abstractions and compilers
If you are unsure whether your work is a good fit for this area, please send a short abstract or description to the area chair(s); they will be happy to give some initial feedback.

Area Board

The Storage area is chaired by and its editorial board is composed of