Student Editorial Board

The Journal of Systems Research invites PhD students to be part of its Student Editorial Board.

Each submission to JSys will be reviewed by 3 experts + 1 student reviewer. Thus, student reviewers are part of the process, and have a voice in the final decision. We believe this is a good opportunity for students to learn about the review process while working alongside the experts in the field. Students will strength the reviews with their attention to detail.

If you are interested, please nominate yourself (or others) using the following form.

Nomination form

Thank you for volunteering!


Being a reviewer comes with the following responsibilities

  • You will be assigned up to 3 papers to review (at one of our four quarterly deadlines -- March, May, August, October). The review must be completed in 1.5 months. We will try to keep the load as low as possible.
  • If a paper is marked as "Revise" (this will be common), you must commit to reviewing the revised version of the paper and making a decision
  • You should contribute thoughtful reviews that engage with the submitted paper.
  • You should be willing to sign your name on the papers you review that are accepted by JSys.
  • Optionally, you can write a summary (along with the other reviewers) "introducing" the paper to the rest of the community.
  • You should follow JSys ethical standards, in not discussing the paper with anyone besides other reviewers and the Area Chair, and not using the ideas in your research.
  • We ask that you review papers that you have high expertise in (typically the area that you are working on in your PhD). Do not review papers where you are interested in the topic, but cannot provide expert reviews.
  • Being a reviewer is a 1-year responsibility, so please make sure you will have enough time before taking this on.

Area Board

Student Editorial Board area is chaired by

and the reviewers are:

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