Pre-merge TODOs

  • Fix the per-area CFP page layout
  • Fix weird sizes for lists
    • Hafl-way solved: the issue is that p and il item sizes are defined proportionaly to the parent. So if they are nested, they get scalled multiple times and get smaller and smaller.
    • Fixed by tweeking the css
  • Get the latest bib
  • finish the “contributing” page.


  • Polish the bibliograhy
  • Put together the self-notination forms
  • missing somewhere:
    • student reviewers
    • meta-review and reviewers name
    • instruction for reviewers page?
    • ISSN and link to website sources
  • Consider moving the “reviewing process” to info for authors (it’s not really a policy)
  • Endogeny to compute and display
    • The proportion of published papers where at least one of the authors is an editor, editorial board member or reviewer must not exceed 20% based on the research content of the latest two issues.
  • Fix table glitch with the TOC
  • add the new assistants
  • Uddate the area data
  • clarify how people are supposed to inform of a prior sub on arxiv or else